Professional Real Estate Home Inspector

Trey Cross Home Inspections.
“Make an informed decision; become familiar with the functions and condition of the home.”

Trey Cross Home Inspection will perform an evaluation of the visible and accessible systems and components of the house and describe to you their condition. Our detailed written report lists areas of concern as well as suggestions for improvement. Armed with the information we provide you can confidently make your purchasing decisions.

What you get with a Professional Real Estate Home Inspection:

At Trey Cross Home Inspection, we believe educating you, the homeowner or buyer, is an important part of your home purchase. We use easy to understand reports, with photos and detailed explanations, and strive to offer inspections above and beyond the standards of practice mandated by the Texas Real Estate Commission.

  • Texas Real Estate inspector license #20425
  • Very thorough
  • Quick Report Return (Most same day)

Making a home purchase is one of the most important decisions you could make. We understand that this is your investment and it is our mission to give you an accurate portrayal of your new home. When choosing a   home inspector you are using someone who is  knowledgeable, well-trained, and able to communicate his findings to the home buyer in a fair, honest, clear, concise manner.
We understand how important this decision is and would like to help you make a confident choice. As a professional Home Inspector Trey Cross has a trained eye to look at the smallest details of your potential home, just as a general family Dr. TC Home Inspection looks at your home from head to toe looking at all major components from the roof to the foundation, giving you a thorough accurate report.
Before buying a home, call Trey Cross for your Home Inspection Needs.
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